REALLY Kony 2012?! distraction, exhaustion, dilemma

REALLY, Kony 2012, REALLY?  You’re going to frame your consumer-awareness campaign this literally in terms of political campaigns in 2012?  Yeah, because right now, as unprecedented amounts of Super PAC money are flowing into Romney 2012 and Obama 2012 and Santorum 2012, all we need right now is to focus on what American electoral politics are really missing right now, really.  Joseph Kony, fantastic.

Because right now we need “something we can all agree on” — REALLY, Kony 2012, REALLY?  The same season that Gingrich 2012 fueled the racist vitriol of undead violence and hate against Obama 2012, we should focus our attention on “something we can all agree on” — the abject need and violent perversions of black Africans, REALLY.  Fantastic.  Let’s forget how this racist hate rips through not only our public rhetoric but into policies and policing on statistically massive scales and real lives. Read the rest of this entry »