the anti-bureaucracy of community

This one goes out to Justin Ruben, Daniel Mintz, and all the other faceless droids that call themselves MoveOn.  Dear Droid, I have unsubscribed from your mailing list at least three times.  When I went to your website to contact you, I found no information but the same over-elaborate submission form I use to contact Comcast.  Quit calling me your “member.”  Please.  I accidentally signed up on your listserv.  Receiving emails does not constitute civic participation.  Besides, I have no clue what you stand for besides asking me for $5 to keep your little machine alive for no other reason than to pretend the Democratic Party has a grassroots base.  The form of your organization goes against every principle of progressive values you co-opt.  If your network is not constantly being made by the substance of your members’ creative contributions and relationships, you are just another bureaucracy.  Just another self-appointed mediator, pretending your own legitimacy to cancel out the space where cooperation use to be.  No thanks, I don’t need to be managed.  Who are you and what do you stand for — that’s the first question.  Then we can meet eye-to-eye and figure out where to go next. Read the rest of this entry »