fractal ethnography

Month: November, 2011

the anti-necessity of solidarity

State of Emergency: Cue the sovereign’s unilateral authority encroaching on democratic spaces of common living.  In times of crisis, the law is suspended, along with process and procedure.  The name of “necessity” trumps checks and balances, concentrating power to allow immediate and un-mediated action.  All in the name of the people, who are thus made objects of intervention.

This is a general plea for attention to the anti-democratic impulse of necessity, as we launch new campaigns and enter into the long-haul fight. The #occupy moment is boiling, and there are political opportunities everywhere.  Meanwhile, the corporate stranglehold on the planet leaks fresh blood and oil every minute.  There is every reason to feel anxious and ready for action.  But let’s be careful not to repeat the political abuses we’ve suffered. Read the rest of this entry »


from #occupy to #fortify: changing seasons

‘What do we want to build in the rubble of this failed system.’  That’s the conversation, not ‘what are the demands’… (Naomi Klein)

As we approach the second month of the occupation, there’s lots of talk of what happens next—a spectrum from weather-proofing encampments to reclaiming foreclosed homes.  In between, there are many emerging strategies of multiplying, moving, and decentralizing sites.  These questions about the where the occupation is (and is going), also reveal a lot about when the occupation is happening (and what it’s future could be). Read the rest of this entry »